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Premier Dental Clinic | Dental Practice in Bromley

At Premier Dental Clinic we understand the value of embracing life's most exciting moments with confidence. Your smile is the gateway to making lasting memories and forging unforgettable connections with the people who matter most. And for that reason, we are dedicated to ensuring that you shine with your own unique light and that you are proud of your teeth.

About Us

Our team is devoted to delivering excellent care with unwavering ethics, going above and beyond for each patient. We strive to establish trust and provide reassurance, addressing any concerns or worries.

Our clinic offers a wide array of advanced dental treatments, catering to diverse needs. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, braces to gum treatments, we have a comprehensive range of services.

Each treatment plan is meticulously designed to ensure top-notch service, and our contemporary environment ensures your safety and comfort. Our dedication to innovation sets us apart as a renowned name in the area.

Our team at PDC

Dr Afshin Louie

Head dentist

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Dr Carolina Vazquez


Dr Nezire Remzi


Dr Angela Portell


Fatima Maseera


Aukse Pauziene

Dental nurse

Rhea Delapp


Agnieszka Berlik

Dental nurse

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Your best smile with <br>
Dental Aesthetic

Your best smile with
Dental Aesthetic

Our expert team specialises in cosmetic treatments such as composite bonding and teeth veneers: ready for the smile you've always desired?

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