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Your smile from a different point of view

— PDC Bromley

On-site Dental lab at Premier Dental Clinic

Our onsite dental laboratory is a key advantage for our patients, offering prompt, personalised, and top-quality dental restorations and appliances. 

With advanced technology and a skilled dental technician, our in-house lab ensures that patients receive the best possible care and precise dental solutions that fit seamlessly with their unique oral anatomy and aesthetic preferences.

Benefits for the patient:

  • Personalisation
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Control over quality
  • Easy Communication
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Flexibility

Advanced technologies

Among our most advanced technologies:


Safety is our top priority, and we follow strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols to ensure a perfectly sanitised environment, providing the highest level of safety for all our patients.

Diode Laser

Our cutting-edge diode laser technology simplifies dental procedures, reducing healing times and providing bloodless surgery with minimal discomfort.

Piezoelectric Surgery

This precise technique allows for oral surgery while preserving soft tissues, making it ideal for periodontology, implantology, and maxillofacial surgery.

Conscious Sedation with Drug-Induced Anaesthesia

We offer a state of comfort and tranquillity through conscious sedation, administered by an anesthesiologist, ensuring a quick and smooth recovery.

Operating Room

Our surgical suite replicates essential features of a real operating room, allowing for close and secure doctor-patient interactions during surgery.


For the safety of our elderly patients and those with medical conditions, we have an automatic defibrillator on hand to detect and treat heart rhythm abnormalities.

Facial Scanner

Non-invasive and quick scans provide a 3D model of the patient's face, aiding treatment planning and interventions.

Guided Surgery

For minimally invasive implant surgery, guided surgery uses dental CT scans and customised surgical guides for precise implant placements.

CBCT and 3D Cone Beam

These modern radiological techniques provide high-resolution dental images with minimal radiation exposure, aiding diagnosis and treatment planning.

Intraoral Scanner

Our innovative intraoral scanner captures dental impressions, eliminating discomfort and saving time by sending models to the laboratory immediately.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera allows us to capture images or videos of the oral cavity, aiding in diagnosis and explanations of necessary treatments.

3D Printer

Our state-of-the-art 3D printer allows for rapid and precise creation of dental devices, delivering high-quality results to patients faster than before.

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Your best smile with
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